Monday, October 20, 2014

Recycled Bathrobe

I had this short red fuzzy bathrobe someone had given me as a gift that I never used. So it was in the bin to donate when I started thinking “that bathrobe looks a lot like Elmo”


Elmo is pretty popular in our house with Charlie and with Halloween coming up, my mom visiting I thought I’d try and re-use the robe to make her a costume.


I ripped out as many seams to get the max fabric. Then I just used a Simplicity pattern I had for a bubble dress. I did dress D


After a couple hours I ended up with this:


(it is really hard to get this girl to pose!)

I used a sleeve to make the hat and hot glued on some pompoms for his eye and nose.

I plan on shortening the skirt to her knees and having her wear red tights. The skirt is filled with tulle to help fill it out so it will create quite the “Muppet” body once it’s shortened. I will just do a temporary stitch because I’m pretty sure this could double as a queen of hearts costume next year! (it’s a little big in the chest too)

IMG_1708[1]Charlie seemed to like it and will hopefully keep on the hat. If not I saved some ties I can add to it.



I am so looking forward to taking her out this year. It will be such a change from last year now that she’s walking, talking and Ms. Independent! Stay tuned for Halloween Pictures & Fun!

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