Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Project Pie: Week 16

Wow. 16 weeks of pie and my pants still fit!
This week brought us back to the beginning and fruit pies. Adam chose French Crunch Peach pie. IMG_1780
Peach pie is my all time 2nd favorite pie (behind blueberry) And this recipe is one for the books. It’s not as good as mom’s but it’s good!
Of course he made the perfect crust.IMG_1779
Mixed it all and up and dumped it in.
Charlie helped with the topping:IMG_1782
Baked itIMG_1786
And ate it warm!
mmm good!
Crunch on top isn’t too overpowering and the egg gives it bit of a custard flavor, but it all works well together. It’s not too sweet so adding ice cream is a welcomed topping.

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