Tuesday, October 7, 2014

48 hours in New England

This past weekend my friend Tara and I traveled to New Hampshire to see one of our dear friends get married.

It was a lot of traveling but a whole lot of fun and worth the 8 hours on a plan and 4 hours in a very small rental.

Jared and Maggie got married in the small town of New London NH. the reception was in the even smaller town of Andover at the Bluewater Lodge. The lodge is where we stayed and it was great! Upstairs there were bunk rooms with some bunks 3 high! IMG_1561

We got in LATE Friday night and stayed up even later playing games and catching up. Saturday we went Apple Picking! It may have been raining and overcast, but I was not leaving NH without getting some apples. Even some of my Florida friends tagged along for their first time. They were impressed. (the apples we get in Florida are a joke)IMG_1517

The wedding ceremony heartfelt. Both Tara and myself had to choke back tears. IMG_1522IMG_1523IMG_1524

Back at the lodge we were served hors’de ouves and spiked cider while we mingled about the lodge. IMG_1530IMG_1521Dinner was great and dessert was the best I’ve ever had at a wedding.  We danced so hard the floor shook and when the dj said good night we all kept going. A fire was lit or I should say tried to be lit outside and I sat with some of my best friends from grad school and discussed our lives and the direction they have gone in the last 8 years.  It was a perfect day. IMG_1549IMG_1551


The view from my bunk:IMG_1558

Sunday after cleaning up we made the 30 min drive to see Jared and Maggie's house before we hit up the local pancake house for a much needed greasy breakfast. With full bellies Tara and I headed back to Boston to catch our flight. we were exhausted, hung over and ready to go home to our sweet girls (and boys). IMG_1562

This was the first time in a long time I had taken a trip by myself. While I missed both Adam and Charlie it was nice to be only responsible for myself. Luckily Erin had a 10 month old boy I was able to snuggle.  IMG_1529

It was also nice to take a trip with my best friend. We haven’t done that in a long time. We may be older and married, but we proved we are still a whole lot of fun and can still hang with the guys!!

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