Sunday, October 26, 2014

Project Pie-Week 15

I had ice cream pie this week and since my folks were in town I thought I’d let them choose. So my dad picked out a mocha pie. I nixed that since adam won’t touch anything coffee and decided on Banana Split pie. Dad was fine with the choice.
First thing, I didn’t feel like making a pie crust so I bought a gram cracker crust. The rest was pretty simple. Just a lot of waiting for things to freeze.
When it came time to do the chocolate topping (at 10pm) I found out that in fact I didn’t have a bag of marshmallows like I thought I did. So we just used Hersey's syrup. (I know I’m really failing on this easy pie)IMG_1720
But mom and dad both liked it!
Dad didn’t want to share. I only cut one piece because it wasn’t quite set yet.IMG_1721
Adam and I thought it was ok. It was easy, but it won’t be going on the “top 10” list.

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