Thursday, October 2, 2014

Project Pie: Week 12

This week for his cream pie Adam chose Lemon Meringue. And boy was it an improvement on the lemon Alaska. Even his dad, who was here visiting, said it reminded him of his mothers and brought him back. IMG_1484[1]

By know you should know what making a pie looks like, so we’re cutting back on the photos unless there’s something tricky going on. IMG_1483[1]The one thing that probably could have improved on the presentation was another egg white for the meringue. You want the the meringue to seal with the crust and Adam didn’t have quite enough to get a good seal. If this happens, its not ruined, but the pie will start to separate from the meringue and it’s not as pretty.


But again…it was a great pie. It didn’t take him to long to make, but it does have a chilling period so you do have to wait a bit to eat it.

Next week is custard and I’ve got my eye on a few…

(NOTE: If you’ve been following along and want the recipes for the past few pies I’ve went back and updated the posts to include them)

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