Thursday, July 24, 2014

Project Pie: Week 2

I want to start off by saying my husband made his first ever pie over 4th of July this year. He made a key lime pie with a gram cracker crust. It was very good.
This week it was his turn to pick and make the pie. Chapter 2 is cream pies and I knew even before he started browsing which one he’d choose: Coconut Cream pie.
2014-07-22 17.48.27
He started by making the crust, using the same recipe I did last week. The only difference, he followed the directions to a T, something I guess I didn’t. Note: this was the first time he had EVER made a crust. (other than that cram cracker one-but that doesn’t count)
Ok prepare to be amazed…look at my husbands crust.
First off his dough was a much better consistency than mine and second he used a fork to mix where I used a food processor. (and he used his moms rolling pin)
2014-07-21 20.34.212014-07-21 20.34.23
Then he did this fancy thing where he wrapped the dough over the pin for an easy transfer to the pan. (I guess that was in the directions..)
2014-07-21 20.38.352014-07-21 20.38.472014-07-21 20.39.24
Then I had to tell him to flute the edges.
2014-07-21 20.43.27
It’s Shut the Front Door perfect. I have NEVER made a crust that pretty. I went and slit my wrists, no I didn’t…I watched in amazement as he made the rest of the pie.
2014-07-21 20.58.53
The next step was to make the filling.
2014-07-21 20.53.21
Once it thickens you add the eggs and coconut and that’s when the house starts to smell amazing!2014-07-21 21.18.03
Then you pour the hot mix in your pie shell.2014-07-21 21.26.34
The next step is the meringue.
2014-07-22 17.49.13
2014-07-21 21.31.502014-07-21 21.33.342014-07-21 21.38.39
Then sprinkle with coconut and bake.2014-07-21 21.40.21
It came out perfect! 2014-07-21 21.58.46
2014-07-21 21.59.05-1The only bad part was that it had to cool…then chill! So we weren’t going to eat any until the next night. Booo hoooo
2014-07-22 07.33.37
Finally when it came time to cut into it it was everything you wanted it to be. ohhhhh sooooo goood! Worth every calorie (I’m guessing between 350 & 400 a slice.)
2014-07-22 17.44.34
Even someone who didn’t want to eat her dinner liked it… a lot!2014-07-22 17.44.422014-07-22 17.44.49
I would definitely make this pie again, or a have Adam make it. It would be great to bring to a party to impress all your friends, make for special occasions to show someone you really love them or to eat alone when you’re feeling blue, share with someone you love or raffle off to raise money for cancer. This pie is all of that folded into a sweet creamy dream. ahhh I can’t wait to have another slice!

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