Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Humpday Photodump!

Happy Humpday All! We survived another week of Florida Summer. Luckily it hasn’t been to unbearable out thanks to overcast days and nightly showers.  This past weekend was our first weekend home in over 3 weeks. It was nice. I did 6 loads of laundry, we both did stuff to our cars and I made a pie. This weekend will be ALL Ultimate as Adam plays in the Masters National Tournament. Go Woolly Mammoth! (that’s his team name) Anyho…here’s our week:

Adam attempting to give Charlie a Jordan ride…Jordan wants no part of this.2014-07-03 16.23.01We finally made it to “Rock the Park” unfortunately it rained so we didn’t get much Rock, but Charlie still had a good time!2014-07-03 19.59.374th of July found us on Marco Island. We had a relaxing fun weekend…and Charlie has yet to see fireworks, she slept through the whole thing on the beach.2014-07-04 20.01.25Daycare was closed the following week so Adam watched her on Monday…2014-07-16 08.47.412014-07-16 08.47.252014-07-16 08.47.322014-07-09 19.23.52And Auntie ‘Nette came on Tuesday!2014-07-10 19.35.58-12014-07-10 19.30.19-12014-07-10 19.33.57-2She pushed the button herself…Selfie!2014-07-11 18.08.18-1After missing 3 lessons in a row we are back at swim lessons…I hope it gets better cause she wasn’t really having it.2014-07-16 09.03.30

Three weekends away meant no Adeline so it was high time for a play date….2014-07-12 16.29.03At the bar! ah ha2014-07-12 18.15.05-1

Honda had a nice little play area for C while my AWD fluid got changed.2014-07-13 12.44.01Potty training is eminent. She brought the diaper to us then laid on the floor.2014-07-13 14.29.04

Deadlines at work mean a few extra hours and someone gets to come to mommy’s work…and play on a $6000 white chair.2014-07-14 17.27.362014-07-14 17.29.52

I absently held up some cards one night when she was playing. “Charlie what’s this?” she then proceeded to identify these letters. Then she had to pick me off the floor cause I had passed out. WTF? you’re 19 months old!! You shouldn’t be able to tell me what letters these are!! Crap.2014-07-14 19.02.43

Daddy gives her whatever she wants…he’s going for “favorite”2014-07-16 08.48.21

Have a great week!

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