Monday, March 10, 2014

Mommy Monday-Pumpkin Parfait


A few weeks ago I bought a bunch of re-usable pouches for Charlie. The first time I used them I filled a few up with some melon Gazpacho I had made and she loved them. Since then I’ve been meaning to fill them up again.


When I cleaned out our pantry I found a can of pumpkin that wasn’t expired and I recalled a recipe I had found years ago in a light and fit article about a “pumpkin pie fix” treat. I thought to myself…”that might be good for Charlie in those pouches” So last week I whipped some up for her. The whole process took maybe 10 minutes. It is so simple and easy and the best part…the next morning I gave her one and she sucked it down!

pumpkin    +  yogurt

So here you go:

1 can pumpkin

1 container of vanilla Greek yogurt

cinnamon/sugar (optional)

mix the first two together and throw in a dash of cinnamon sugar. fill up your pouches or serve with a spoon.


I was able to make 5 pouches for approximately $2.50. And canned pumpkin is sodium-free, rich in vitamin A and fiber with no sugar, flavors or preservatives added. It also contains no saturated fat or cholesterol. Greek yogurt is packed with protein and calcium and is also fat free! So there you go…a healthy easy treat for kids and adults alike!

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  1. Thanks! Simon loves pumpkin (canned...I noticed the no preservatives no sodium great vitamins thing too!) and is living off yogurt these days. I'll give this a shot for him. I'm sure he'll love it!