Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Humpday Photodump

It was a little light on phone pictures this past week…we had company so the real camera was brought out!

Charlie likes to go for rides in her push cart…2014-02-26 16.48.03

Due to company sleeping in her room Charlie was moved into ours and chose our bed for her nap instead of the pack n play Smile2014-03-01 10.56.09

My cutie2014-03-01 12.49.20

Getting smooches2014-03-01 12.49.23

Our first trip to the beach this year!2014-03-03 15.57.29

Being cute. 2014-03-04 17.44.23

Charlie is teething-big time-so to curb her fussy pants we went for a walk. It worked…until we got back inside.2014-03-04 17.45.33

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