Friday, March 23, 2012

Finished! Let’s Eat.

A couple weeks ago Adam FINALLY put the last coat of finish our dinning table.  It took us a good 16 months, but we can now say the table it done! (Well I do want to add some pads/velcro to the folding legs).


We’re both really happy with it, although if you ask Adam I’m sure he’d say there would be things he’d do better or would like to improve.  But I’m just happy it’s finally done and have enjoyed eating on it, sewing on, spreading things out…ect. It’s gotten lots of love.


I still can’t believe that this:


Became this:


The wood is so rich looking and full of character.


And the leaves turned out great.  While we can’t open the table all the way to it’s 11’4” length  we were able to open one for thanksgiving. Boy was that nice. We really broke it in that day and tested it out!


We were able to fit all of the food, our formal dinner ware and crystal on the table with out feeling crowded. Making it 42” wide was definitely a good move.


We’re both hoping to have some friends over to christen it with a nice dinner party, but life has been busy.  And hopefully some day we’ll have a place big enough to expand the whole table…and fill it up with family and friend and good food!


Thanks for sharing in this project with us, we hope you like the final result and look forward to having you at it with us someday soon.

Here’s one last recap of this way too long project:

TableWow…that was a lot of work!

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