Saturday, March 3, 2012

February…Fly By

So it’s March.

Both of us felt like February Dragged on…but I think that’s because we were SO busy!  Here’s a quick, mostly photographic recap!

My Aunt Sandy & Uncle Don returned from their Cancun Trip and stayed with us the 1st weekend in February.

Then the following Wednesday my Parents & Aunt Annette Arrived. My dad had a work meeting so he stayed at the hotel until Friday while my mom and aunt stayed with us.

Also that week this guy…turned 40.

P2110909Our good friend Jimmy.

And we all went out to the beach (brrr) to celebrate on Saturday.


Then is was valentines day…Adam made me a card-cause I guess the day after V-day they clear Target of all the cards.


We went our for a nice dinner at a restaurant I’ve been wanting to try since I moved here; J. Alexander’s. It was pricey-but very worth the money and very very good.


The next weekend my friend Richy was supposed to come down, but due to a broken foot that didn’t happen and our trip to Orlando went from a party of 4 to a party of 2.


Kristi and I had a fun day at Universal studios.  Their new roller coaster, Rock Roll N’ Ride was so much fun! You got to pick your own music to be played while you rode! Then when you get off you find out they video taped your whole ride! Kristi and I were dying laughing at ourselves!


But the main reason for the trip was this girl.


I love me some Kelly Clarkson and she was performing as part of Universals Mardi Gras event.  Free Concert! She was AWESOME and it was a fun fun weekend.

The next wee was pretty normal. We had church on Wednesday and a Transformers Dark of the Moon Viewing with a couple friends Thursday night. Then something weird happened. Adam had the weekend off!! His first in I can’t remember.  So Saturday we both went and got our hair done! That night we went out on a double date with Krista and her then BF Skylar. We had sushi then found a fun bar with a live band, Golden Tee, Darts and Bowling.  It felt so good to get out and I know Adam was happy to be able to have fun as well. Sunday my husband surprised me with his skills once again and changed his breaks on his car.  It was a  much needed chill weekend.

February ended with Adam working 3 nights in a row and my book club meeting on Leap Day. Phew! I’m tired just re-typing all of that!But you want to hear something else, he’s got this weekend off as well! Whoop whoop! I love me some husband time. We’ve got fun plans…hopefully I’ll be better with updates in March.

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