Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Michigan in August

Earlier this month we made a trip up to Michigan for my friend Felicia’s wedding.  Miss planning caused us lots of time in the car, but we crammed a lot into the 6 days we were there.

We arrived on a Wednesday, into South Bend Indiana. (See i told you-miss planning)  My dad picked us up and we drove the 2.5+ hours to Pentwater where we were greeted by two very happy golden retrievers.  Our mini keg of Oberon was tapped and we enjoyed an after noon on the deck with my parents. 


Shortly after we arrived there was a parade of ambulances, police cars and fire trucks flying by the house heading to the channel. Dad and Adam hoped on the scooters to investigate and returned to tell us what we’d already suspected; drowning.  Unfortunately the little girl didn’t make it and I was reminded again of the August day back in 1991 when my friend and his father were taken by the lake.       She is a strong and powerful body of water.  Too many people take her for granted and don’t respect the warnings.  I hope that this will be the last time…but sadly it won’t be.


But on a happy note, my aunt & uncle arrived from Florida on Wednesday and we had a wonderful dinner and a night of card playing.  The next day we all went to the beach and later attempted to sail. But as we all know it is very difficult to sail w/o any wind. 




Friday we packed up and headed to Kalamazoo for the wedding festivities.  It was so fun to be back in Kalamazoo and point out all the places i used to go to or live.  The best part was that the rehearsal diner was at Great Lakes Shipping Co. It should be noted that that is where I met the bride And the Groom and that’s where they met and where 50% of the wedding party worked in college. So it was like a big class reunion.


The wedding took up all of Saturday and we prepped and took pictures and danced and laughed into the night ending up at the bar we all use to frequent in college.  It really was a wonderful time. And I must say Felicia was a beautiful bride, but anyone with working eyes can see that!


Sunday we headed back to Pentwater where we had a lazy day and ended with an awesome sail on Lake Michigan with my friend Brian. On his dad’s boat; Recess' big sister, AerialIMG_7171 IMG_7173IMG_7172  IMG_7165


Monday we took one last trip to the beach (with the dogs) and we had a great time throwing them the stick and wading into the water.  It was  a beautiful day and we hated to leave, but into the car and to South Bend we went.  Suite cases full and probably over weight.  IMG_7192 IMG_7199 IMG_7217IMG_7242

After waiting in line to check in for well over 20 min we found out our suite cases were 10lbs over.  Adam had gotten some antique tools from my grandma’s and we had some jam so we moved things around and got it down to weight.  Then we moved on to security. Adam’s bag got flagged. The tools in there he thought he could carry on he couldn’t. so while i went to wait by the gate he had to go back into line and check our carry on! Luckily the women at the counter remembered us and didn’t charge us for the extra bag. 30 min later Adam finally appeared just in time to board. We boarded and in 2.5 hours touched down in St. Petersburg where the humidity hit like a sucker punch.

We had a nice trip, but as always it was too short and too busy.  But we’ll take what we can and enjoy the fact that we’re able to travel.


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