Monday, August 15, 2011

A “Mad” Weekend

Mad, as in Mad Men. 


We accidentally got hooked on the show. oops.  Luckily Netflix has 52 episodes…or maybe not so luckily. On a side note-it’s Joseph’s fault, he’s hooked too, both him and Jen. So we’re not alone.  I love everything (well not everything!) but most everything about the 60’s era.  I really think I was born at the wrong time…but anyway; the clothes (swoon) the classy style the success…and the fact that it’s an Advertising firm (my 1st major) just makes me want more! 

Saturday after a leisurely day of errands and house cleaning we found our selves on the couch with nothing good on TV and split on our Netflix queue choices…so I said “I heard Mad Men was good”, so we watched the 1st episode.  Sunday Adam has a Frisbee scrimmage and I stayed home to do laundry and continue putting the house back into order after being gone…well I found myself watching 2 more episodes before Adam came home and found me still in my pajamas. “What?! you watched more??” he cried.  I guess I didn’t realize he’d enjoyed it as much as I did.  So I caught him up to episode 3.

Then we enjoyed the Chicken pot pie I had made (see I wasn’t totally useless!) and I did a quick jaunt on the treadmill.  But at 8 o’clock we were back and watched anther episode. Then Adam said “we’ve got time for one more…” We’re now on episode 7…only 45 more to go.


I strongly suggest you NOT watch this if you don’t want to get sucked in.  It’s too late for us…but we’re hoping that you’ll heed this warning and stay far far away…before you to go Mad over Mad Men.

On a positive note I did finish 6 loads of laundry, did the dishes 4 times, ran and emptied the dishwasher, changed the sheets, painted a chair, made a pot pie and pasta sauce, vacuumed 3 x’s, bought groceries and Adam unpacked our suite cases.  So it wasn’t a total waste of a weekend Winking smile

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