Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Chair “Solution”

After much discussion and debate Adam and I both realized we like the upholstered chairs and the, well, most expensive chairs.  And right now, we really don’t have $300+ to drop into chairs.

One day at work, you know while I was “working” I thought of an idea.

Chair covers.

We have 4 folding chairs we purchased off Craig's List when we were first married and they were sitting shoved into our storage container guest closet.  So I Googled “Round Back Folding Chair Covers White” and found that this option was very doable. The question was-would Adam like it?  When I got home that night I told him about it and he thought – ya, it would be a good temporary fix to our chair-less table.


The next day I ordered 4 white chair covers at $2.38 a piece, with shipping the total was $16.47. WAY cheaper than any ONE chair I found.

When they came in a pulled out the folding chairs, slid on the covers and moseyed them up to the table.


Off the bat I realized that the chairs themselves were too low for our new table. For one, the chair back doesn’t even clear the table top and two when I sit at the table I feel short.  But Adam said for him they’re fine.  I pulled two chairs from our other dining set and slid them in between (since there’s room for 6).  Those chairs are the proper height for me, when sitting so for now we’ll keep them their as well.


I had fun setting the table to see how it would look and looks pretty good. They definitely work and confirms my decision to go with all white chairs. ( I really do despise the oak chairs with the table) But I do think the chair back will need to be at least 1-2” higher than the table top.



We realize this isn’t a permanent fix, but we’re ok with what we have for now.  When we get through wedding season hopefully we’ll have a little extra cash and can start slowly buying the chairs we like. And the best part is now we can use our folding chairs as our extras when the the table is fully extended w/o having tacky brown folding chairs! We just have to make sure that the 6’+ men sit in those…so Joe, Dad, say hello to your spot at the table Smile.

Oh! and yes-I realize I should iron the chair covers…but I haven’t had time nor the desire…so shut it. Winking smile

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