Friday, August 5, 2011

The End(s) of our Table

Do not adjust your screen-this is not a photo-shopped picture. Those are really the ends of table-glued and cut and ready for SafeCoat Lacquer.  Then they will get legs of their own and attached to the top of the table.IMG_6777

Adam brought them home last week and I was so happy to finally see what our table is actually going to look like. We love it! This wood has tons of character and is going to look awesome once it’s finished.  And it really just completes the modern design of our rustic table.


It’s like putting book ends on a book shelf. 


The books were fine there before, but with two fancy ends the shelf becomes more than a function of holding books-it becomes a place of interest-a statement.


And that is exactly what this table is! It serves as a place to eat and gather, but I know it will always serve as a statement piece in our house and will bring up many conversations as we gather around it with family and friends to enjoy a good meal. And with our ends we can gather more of our friends and family.

Oh and the best part of putting on our Ends, the dogs can get under the table when we eat!



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