Monday, January 31, 2011

Meet Micah


Born on Thursday am to mommy Stephanie & daddy Scott.

I got to Naples just after lunch on Saturday.  Seeing him lying with Stephanie, I forgot just how small new born babies were.  And I wracked my brain for the last time I had been in a hospital to see one…we decided it was for Logan-11 years earlier!

It was a nice weekend, quiet-I was solo as Adam had to work.  Stephanie’s parents watched her middle child and I stayed home with Logan.  Her husband was in Miami for a marathon. (I know! right?!)

So Logan and I went out to Applebee’s for dinner.  He got a milkshake and I let him stay up until he decided to go to bed (11:30!)  He informed me “ That why I love you” ha ha.  Then the next day I bought him a donut. (His first in 6 months he said) Got to do what I got to do to be his favorite Winking smile.

While I loved that I was able to be there for Stephanie and spend time with her and the baby, it was very hard.  Thinking that I too should have been in that spot in just a few months.  With my own small human to take home.  It wasn’t an easy drive back, but Adam was more then loving when I got home and was full of hugs for me.

We realize that it will happen for us again when the time is right.  So for now we can we rejoice in the new life of Micah the tiny little boy that stole my heart this weekend.



Going home in the same outfit his mommy, uncle, cousin and brothers wore.

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