Monday, January 24, 2011

Feet Candy

I have been in DIRE need of new shoes.
Adam knows this and has told me repeatedly, go buy some new shoes. 
But I know we have to be frugal and I can get by with what I have which is probably more than most people.
However, I realized yesterday that I really needed new shoes when Adam laughed at me.  I had on black ballet flats (Target, on-sale, 3+ years ago) with black socks (because it was cold out!)  Luckily I had a pair of 9 year old boots (OMG they are really that old?!?!?) that looked much better.
I headed to the mall to get my friend a birthday gift…and decided that it was time to tackle the shoe department in search of black flats.
Well lets just say I didn’t find any black flats that fit my need, but I did find some lovelies that I made the decision to bring home and put to good use.
Meet my new friends:
I am obsessed with the retro 20’s & 30’s styles out there; the Mary Jane’s, the t-straps anything with that vintage feel.  And I’m in LOVE with Gray shoes.
IMG_4703 IMG_4702
The suede was an added bonus…I just forgot how you’re supposed to treat it! I haven’t had suede shoes since 2nd grade.
IMG_4710 IMG_4707
These I found in the clearance section of DSW.  They just make me swoon-if a pair of shoes can do that! Love the satin bows and the herringbone fabric…so très chic. I might have to go to Paris in this pair.
Finally-the deal of the day. Originally $59; DSW price $45, but with a Yellow clearance sticker.  Wait what is yellow? why that would be 80% off! I snagged these cuties for a whopping $9.  And they’re Dr. Schols-so they’re good for me, right?
In my defense-Yes I needed new Black Heels and brown sandals. the other two…well, I was on a roll and they were too cute not to get!
Plus Adam said to. :)

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