Thursday, October 29, 2009

Still having fun.

I realized I hadn't posted anything in a while-so I suppose it's time for an update.  Adam & I are still doing great and love being married to each other.  Last night I said to him, as we were watching Top Chef, "I'm glad I'm not teaching right now." and he replied "Me too.  I know you love to do it, but it's nice to have you here each night".  I think how different it would be if i was gone 3 nights a week like I used to be.  We wouldn't have this time together to cook dinner, play cards, watch movies or play Dr. Mario on the wii (our guilty pleasure).  Not teaching dance this year was a good decision (one that I really didn't make).  I'm sure I'll want to get back to it soon-but for now it's just nice to be married and get used to having someone living with you.

We've also had some great weekends with friends.  Most of our friends live over in St. Petersburg.  So when someone throws a party we have to decide do we stay or make the 45 min drive back.  Stay has been the unanimous decision and my good friend Tara has put us up for two Saturdays.  Last Saturday was the big costume party at the Smith house.  Adam and I went as Satan and Mrs.Claws. There were lots of great costumes-Tara & Alex were Dawg the Bounty Hunter and Beth-such a good and fun costume.
Sunday we had an impromptu picnic in the park with 6 dogs! It was fun, relaxing and such a great day to get outside and drink champagne in the park.

This week has gone a lot different than I anticipated.  First of all Adam was supposed to be in Miami all week for work.  So I began fretting about what i was going to do!  I emailed my friend Kristi to see if she wanted to see a movie since I had two free passes that were about the expire.  It wasn't until 5 on Monday that Adam found out he wasn't going.  I decided then that I would go to a ballet class that night since he was here all week.  I purchased a month of classes and hope to get back into shape.  Then Tuesday-my date still set, we had dinner at the McElroy's (Tommy cooked a yummy dinner). Afterward Kristi and I left the boys to the TV and headed out to our movie; The Invention of Lying.  I was a very interesting and funny movie.  If no one lied life would be a  lot different.  Unfortunately I think it's a good thing people lie-according to the movie it would be a very different-boring world.  Anyway-when it comes out on video add it to your Netflix list-it's a good way to spend 2  hrs.

Last night I tackled a recipe I'd been wanting to make since Christmas; Crispy Shrimp Cakes.  I have never made crab cakes or shrimp cakes-only birthday cake, so dinner was a gamble.  The first thing I noticed on the recipe was Panko Bread crumbs.  I wondered if they differed from the bread crumbs I had in my pantry so i Google'd it.  Supposedly they were different-and I stumbled upon a recipe for those, that became Adam's job, make the bread crumbs.  He did good.  I worked on the shrimp cake part.
After an hour of cooling in the fridge we put them in the pan to cook.  I thought they came out pretty good-the bread crumbs were really spicy and we're thinking that they overpowered the cakes a bit-but all in all I liked them.  We served them with Boars Head Spicy Romalade (our fav) and some coconut rice and peas.  We still have 4 cakes in the fridge ( I hope they keep;they're not cooked) so dinner tonight might be the same, but I'm not complaining.  I'm learning that my husband is a hard man to impress.  I told him last night "does anything I cook you taste "great!" ?  you always say "eh it's good". "  So I'm on a mission to get an "oh my god this is soooo good" out him.  Any suggestions?

Here is the recipe for the shrimp cakes (from Red Book)  if you try any modifications that are good share so we can try next time...because I will be making these again!

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