Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Newly Wife'd

Adam & I have been married just over two weeks. This marks our first full week back to normal life since the wedding. Yesterday while sitting at my desk I started to think about the week ahead and the fact that I or he would have to make dinner. A whole meal! Now, when it was just me it was a piece of cake. I would saute some frozen veggies and make some instant brown rice. If Adam had been coming over of course I'd plan something or we would go to the store and buy dinner. But now I had 5 days in which we'd need food and these so called whole meals.
Adam likes meat-needs meat-doesn't believe it's a real meal unless there is meat. So I started thinking about what we could do. Eureka! I have a crock pot! Pot Roast. I'm sure I can do that-it's just vegetables, some meat and seasoning in a pot that you cook all day. Ok, so Tuesday was solved....I sent a frantic email to my Aunts asking for recipes-and started searching online for blogs, advice, and recipes that other working wives liked. Luckily I did find some good ideas, so after attending my first ballet class in over six months (ouch) I headed to Publix where I succeeded in filling my cart with veggies, milk, eggs, cream of mushroom soup (Cambell's only Aunt Sandy says) and MEAT! Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Shrimp and Pork.  I almost lost it in the pork section. Those of you who know me, know i don't do pork-ham, yes, maybe some bacon...but no pork. Adam loves pork so since I love Adam I was going to buy some pork chops. As I'm scanning the rows of meat I catch a glimpse of something...not looking like a cut of meat...but a hoof! A pigs hoof all packaged up nicely in cellophane. Oh and look at that, a tongue! Well isn't that nice? I grabbed the only thing with a bone in it and moved onto the chicken swallowing my urge to vomit. I am not a vegetarian but more of a nieveatarian. I'll eat it just as long as I don't see any resemblance to the animal it used to be.
The only snag in my whole meat plan was that the seafood department had already closed. The one thing that I like, fish, I couldn't get. I guess our Salmon recipe will have to wait until next week.  After hitting up the wine aisle I moved my overflowing cart to the check out and made my way home.

Before work this morning I prepared my crock pot and seared the roast-which  almost started a fire because I never clean out my stove pans and a lonely macaroni decided smoke me out of the kitchen. Hopefully when I get home the house will smell of roast and fall (which we don't really have here in Florida-it's more like June) and my 1st attempt at a crock pot meal/pot roast will be a sucsess! Stay tuned.

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