Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hallo Deutschland, wir kommen!

Well Adam & I finally decided and booked our honeymoon!  After much back and forth, dragging our feet and the good RCI exchanges being snatched up we found our destination; Germany!  It is actually the 1st place we looked at-Missen Wilhams.  It is on the border of Austria & Switzerland in German Alps.

Adam & I decided early on that we wanted to go skiing for our honeymoon.  Living in Florida, we get to go to the beach whenever we want.  We both LOVE the beach, but we wanted to do something don't get a chance to do. We have never been skiing together.  I would go back home during Christmas and Adam has also.  He also spent some time in Switzerland skiing in collage.  So it will be interesting to see how we fare together on the slopes.  I have a feeling he's a All OUT fly down the hill type, while i like to make it down in one piece with out any snow on my butt.
So with that decided we started on the "where". Russ, Adam dad, said that we could trade his time share-so we began looking.  Lone behold Europe was an option! Both of us had been wanting to get back there since we'd left; me 16 years ago-Adam 10.  We began looking at the RCI website and our options to exchange.  There seemed to be quite a few options.  But I really needed to focus on the wedding and we decided to wait until after to book it.  When we got back from michigan we started looking again...the place in Germany was no longer available :(  So I kept serching.  Then I found a place in switzerland! it would be great and the flights to Geneva where reasonable.  But when we got home to look at it, it was gone too.  Then it was Italy, france, back to germany....we kept playing this game.  We'd find something; check out the airfare, the skiing, and when it would come time to book it, someone had snatched it up.  I was starting to think we'd have to look into pushing the trip back.  Now there were plenty of resorts in  Norway, Sweeden & Findland-but i looked at the map and they are parallel with oh, NORTHERN Canada.  There was no way i was going skiing in January that far north.  There is a reason there are that many units available-it's COLD!
Finally yesterday, we looked and the original place in Germany was available!  We hit book and never looked back.  We will leave January 15th and fly to Munich where we will rent our "European SUV" and head the 1.5 hrs to Missen Wilhams.  We will stay for a week, get some skiing in and hopefully see some old friends.  Now our goal is to get Adam's passport papers in the mail and research the area.  I have also asked my mom to send me my German Picuture dictionary.  Adam also says he has a German text book...somewhere.

On a side note, many have you been asking "what's for dinner?"  Well the only other thing I cooked last week was chicken.  We used frozen chicken breasts and cooked them in some butter and white wine.  Added some mushrooms, asparagus, dill and garlic.  Then added a can of Cream of Mushroom soup.  We served it over white rice.  It was quite good.  And we only dirtied one pan & a rice cooker!

Then for dessert we finished our wedding cake.  I know you, you're supposed to save it for your 1st anniversary, but everyone knows it doesn't keep and isn't any good.  I wasn't going to risk that with our cake.   Those of  you who were at the wedding know how good that cake was.  It was made by my mom's dear friend, Jeanette.  Home made carrot cake should not be wasted.   There was no way i was letting that cake go bad.  We have decided instead to keep two bottles our our signature wine for a year and drink them on our 1st anniversary.  Maybe i'll buy a carrot cake too...or maybe i'll make one!

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