Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mmm Mmmm Good

Well I did it! I successfully made a  pot roast.  Or I guess I should be fair and say I prepped a pot roast-the crock pot did most of it.  As soon as I opened the door the smell was unmistakable. oh those poor dogs locked up in a cage all day smelling that, such torture.  Adam said he could smell it from out side too.  It was so nice to  walk in the door at 6 p.m. set the table, open some wine, serve up the meal (Using our new serving dishes (thanks Kim!) and server ware (thanks Sherry Jo!) and sit down and have  HOT delicious meal at 6:12. (I looked)

OH! and you'll never guess what i did!!! I, yes me, Stephanie made gravy! I have never made gravy in my life-Adam said "I thought you said you didn't know how to make gravy?"  I don't, but I have seen my mom, aunts and grandmothers do it a million times.  So I took out the cornstarch to make a rue (Like granny) and mixed it up with some water then I had Adam pour all the juice from the crock pot into my extra large measuring cup (thanks Rita!).  As I was beating it I thought back to making soups..hmm I think it has to boil. But I didn't want to dirty another dish-so being the 21st century working wife that i am, I popped into the microwave and hit start. Sure enough it began to boil and thicken! Magic!
So here Adam and I are sitting down at the dining table with a real live meal before us, dogs salivating at our feet, ready to dig in.  We say our prayer (such good upbringings :)) and dig in.  Now as we ate we did critique it; add garlic next time; need to season the gravy more; baste the meat as it cooks if we can....but all in all it's pretty darn good.  Adam even had 2nds (or was it thirds).  He was proud of his wife and I of the meal I prepared.  Dessert on the other hand (like we really had room) was complements of the check out line at IKEA; Dark Chocolate.  I thought of my Aunt Anette - she always needs a little chocolate :)
Now during dinner we noticed that the new pepper grinders we bought and I dropped was spinning a little funny.  So after dinner Adam did something that I am so familiar with that I had to stop and call my mom.  I'm familiar with it, but not from Adam.  He said he was going to fix it. went into the laundry room (closet) where I keep all my tool-ish stuff and came out with a packet of JB Weld.  JB Weld for those who don't know is the glue you mix together and it turns black and will bond almost anything.  If they had a frequent buyers club my dad would be the president.  He uses that stuff to fix EVERYTHING-ask my mom.  But the more canny part of this story is that my dad likes to fix things at the dining table and we're not talking about just pepper grinders we're talking guns, carburetors, ski boots, radios.  Someday, when i win the lotto I'm buying my mom a new dining set and my dad a heated work shed with that dining table and beer in it.  So here I sat watching my new husband sit down with his JB Weld and a piece of wax paper over our new place mats fixing the pepper grinder. Oh my, I married my father.  I called my mom and we just laughed. Hopefully my husband will be a little neater and won't ruin our dining table with his after diner fix-it projects.  But then again if he does, I'M getting a new table.
After dinner we continued digging our way through the living room.  We moved the twin trundle bed out of the living room-it's going to charity-and put our new cabinet in it's place.  We filled it up with all the lovely glassware we received.  It looks so nice all lit up.  Then after 3 trips to the dumpster with empty box's we settled on the couch for our newest NetFlix-Stop Loss.
Tonight we'll take a break from cooking and are attending a hosted Happy Hour at a local restaurant.  Free Appetizers!  Tomorrow we'll tackle another meal (I'm thinking Whiskey Porkchops) and another box.
PS I'll post the pictures this evening of our fabulous meal.

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