Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Don't Mess With My Zohan!

The day Adam proposed I, unbeknown to the pending proposal, went and cut off my long hair to my chin.  The was the last hair cut I got.  Saturday while we were running errands I asked Adam to pull into a salon that I had noticed across from our church.  I needed a haircut, bad.  Walking into the empty salon I was greeted by two men of middle eastern decent.  The man behind the counter said he could cut my hair now so I sat down in the chair and he asked what I wanted to do.  After discussing the cut he asked if I wanted a shampoo-since I'd skipped that that morning I said yes and he handed me over to the younger gentleman who was to wash my hair.  Hmm a shampoo boy-I'd never had one of those, but ok.  Then after my hair was wet he brought me over to the chair and set me up with my cape and combed out my hair.  The first man came back over and began cutting away at my hair.  He moved quickly and with skill...and I was beginning to be reminded of the movie "Don't mess with the Zohan".  Especially when the phone rang and he had the younger man patch it through to his blue tooth.  He was just yapping away and cutting away.  After he finished with the cut he asked if I wanted a blow dry.  "Sure", I said.  As soon as the words came out of my mouth both of the men had grabbed dryers and were going at my hair; pulling it, fluffing it, two dryers at once! It took all I had to not laugh. After a while the stylist nodded at the younger assistant and he put his dryer away.  I bet he dried my hair a good 20 min-and then the other one came back and was hand selecting sections of my hair to be dried next.  He would hold them up and hand them to the stylist.  I kid you not.  Finally when he asked if I wanted flat iron (which i politely declined) I was sure his next question was whether or not i wanted the happy ending!
I am convinced that the movie had is based on my new stylist (yes I'll be going back) Emad Abdul from Jordan.  Now I'm not sure if he was or is an Israeli hit man, i really don't care, but my hair looked fantastic-the price was decent-and I had just had two men blow out my hair-all with my husband sitting quietly in the corner holding back his own chuckles.
I strongly suggest Chic Salon in Temple Terrece and say Yes to "blow dry"
And yes-he kind of looked like Adam Sandler.

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