Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Humpday Photodump!

I’ve been slacking on real updates lately. Sorry. I just haven’t been in the mood. But I am do look at Charlie and think…I need to write some stuff down. She’s growing and changing so much! Last night was the first night without a bottle and she was fine. Up next…the pacifier. Yesterday was the first time at daycare without it… and we talked potty training. oh my! I have a toddler. My baby has disappeared. Ok…here are the pictures…see for yourself!

This outfit kills me. Of course grandma bought the shirt.2014-02-19 16.27.59

She is really wanting to tackle the stairs…and sometimes I let her…but mostly I pick her up and she fusses as I haul her up.2014-02-19 16.28.09

She’s had her name in magnets on the fridge for a while and I finally decided she was done eating them so she could have the rest of the alphabet. she proceeded to put them all up and then put then all back.2014-02-20 17.19.13

85% of the time she’s a great eater. I find that if she’s not eating well give her fruit…then try the meat afterwards.2014-02-20 18.10.18

Working on a new sampler…2014-02-22 11.50.43

$7 tulips from Publix. My favorite.2014-02-22 11.55.52

Saturday fun at the library.2002-12-08 12.00.00-12014-02-22 14.17.44

She LOVES to read.2014-02-22 14.28.48

I ended up buying books rather then lending…all this for $12!!2014-02-23 11.09.30

Saturdays task was to clean out the Pantry. I bought shelves for the door to make more room….and it was a great time to purge all the evaporated milk that was expired….4 cans!! why do I even have that?2014-02-23 10.34.22

Adams 5 jars of buffalo sauce…why?? 2014-02-23 10.40.02

Everything out!2014-02-23 10.48.02

The new shelves!2014-02-23 10.48.17



2014-02-23 11.53.032014-02-23 11.53.31

First time using our reusable pouches. I made gazpacho and they worked great!2014-02-23 12.28.25

Good morning angel!2014-02-24 07.38.192014-02-24 07.38.38

We’re back at on the Fresh20! Life is good and so is dinner!!!2014-02-24 17.25.07

My little toddler…2014-02-26 07.22.20

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