Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Humpday Photodump

I was better this week at taking pictures…and even are grabbing some that were texted to me Smile

Grandma came back from Marco with some new-to-us furniture.2014-02-10 09.18.53

Did you know Feb 6 is FroYo day? Charlie inhaled hers!2014-02-06 14.23.06

Thursday night I had a sleep over, 11 years and he finally came to visit.2014-02-07 00.46.59

So I took him to Yuengling for breakfast2014-02-07 12.19.05

Then we all went to Stefano’s for lunch.2014-02-07 13.02.20

Then we went and picked up the Dr.2014-02-10 09.18.36

In the words of Ms. Swift…Trouble, Trouble…2014-02-10 09.18.44

Then these two showed up!2014-02-08 15.38.55

Let the fun begin!

2014-02-08 15.49.252014-02-08 13.24.422014-02-08 13.27.262014-02-08 13.53.242014-02-08 15.30.052014-02-08 15.37.45

The main event2014-02-08 19.05.202014-02-08 21.08.09

Good thing grandma stayed to watch Charlie!2014-02-10 09.11.49

Cause we were all pretty tired the next day!2014-02-10 09.18.13

A visit to the park before the Pleva’s took off2014-02-10 09.17.39

I FINALLY finished Wesley’s quilt!2014-02-10 19.22.56

I can’t wait to see him in this!! Boys clothes are so cute!!2014-02-11 17.58.15

She is getting WAY to big!!2014-02-10 16.50.22But she’s still my sweet little baby.2014-02-10 21.59.57

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