Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Humpday Photodump

Hey! We just got back from NC yesterday morning-we had a great time-so there aren’t many phone pics to dump…but here’s what we got!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Charlie!2014-02-14 07.22.00

No Pictures mom, it’s too early!2014-02-14 11.03.52

Napping on my lap..she got really heavy!2014-02-14 11.49.11

Ya! North Carolina, we’re here!2014-02-14 13.14.08

Peyson giving her best “Elvis”2014-02-15 10.16.30

Charlie trying out chopsticks2014-02-16 12.41.47

Papa’s Pack…our attempt at getting all five in a picture!2014-02-16 15.25.01

Such a cute girl…and I never get tired of hearing that from strangers Smile2014-02-17 15.15.56

My sweet niece Zoe. She is such a joy!2014-02-17 15.18.51

Charlie LOVED climbing the stairs…and didn’t listen when we said no. She would just burst into tears and try to go up again. By the end of the weekend she was pretty fast!2014-02-17 15.22.35

Her “new” boots from cousin Kylie.2014-02-17 17.06.15

Heading back home…by the time I get my phone out and ready the cute pose she had been holding is gone…typical.2014-02-18 06.55.36

Souvenirs from RDU Smile2014-02-18 17.46.17

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