Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Two Year Anniversary

Adam & I celebrated our anniversary by going out for dinner downtown Tampa.  We’ve become quite thrifty and savvy about eating out so we chose the restaurant based on Gift Certificates we could get at a discounted rate and the fact that this restaurant hosted 1/2 off bottles of wine on Mondays.  The restaurant was Fly, which we’ve been to before and really enjoyed.


We sat outside, as it was too noisy inside and the weather wasn’t scorching.  It was a beautiful evening to watch the city turn from dusk to dark.  Tampa really is a beautiful city and I hope that soon the downtown area really takes off. It is getting there, seeing a busy restaurant on a Monday night is always a good sign.


Adam really enjoys one of their signature cocktails, Wrong End of a Gun.  The first time we went there we got into a discussion over which end was the wrong end. He said the barrel end I said the stock or as I just learned on Google-the Action end.  I think he ended up being right. Anyway, he started off the evening with his favorite drink (which he wants to make for his dad this weekend) and a grilled roman salad with bacon and gorgonzola. It was quite tasty and luckily big enough to share.


For dinner Adam chose the Pepper crusted Filet Mignot (I took one bite and was coughing up a storm!) while I chose the seared scallops with cauliflower and curry sauce.  Our waiter recommended a new Malbac from Peirano Estate (I saved the cork) which was really nice but at $42 a bottle it had better be. (we only paid $21)  Afterward with wine still in our glasses I ordered the flourless chocolate cake. I had always wondered how they made cake w/o flour. Basically it was like a piece of chocolate fudge with a scoop of ice cream. It was very good!

When we got home Adam tore into his present (which he hid under the bed while he walked the dogs so that I couldn’t use it first!).  I had gotten him an electronic foot massager.  He was very excited to use it and sat on the couch enjoying as the dogs tried to figure out what it was.


All the while I was having fun with the new camera he bought me! Such a surprise.  I had mentioned that we needed a small camera to take places since his is too big and his Olympus is on the fritz.  He ended up getting me another Olympus Tough, but it’s not as “tough'” as his is.  We had fun playing with the new features and even got to snap a couple of self timed photos.


We had a lovely anniversary. Thanks to everyone that made our special day two years ago so wonderful and for all the continued well wishes we get.

My sweet parents sent us this yesterday and I thought it would be a nice way to end this post

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