Friday, September 23, 2011


Well I quickly realized that our “solution” to chairs for our new table wasn’t going to work. They look good and all and will be great for when we need extra seats-but the big problem was that I felt like a little kid at the adults table. The folding chairs are too short.
Not giving up hope on finding a deal on some chairs I continued to scour Craigs List.  A few weeks ago or was it a month (?) I came across these.

He was asking $50-so I quickly emailed him to clarify that that was for four chairs and not apiece. It was! I also verified that the seat height was tall enough…and it was too! So I showed Adam. He liked the chairs and even said they reminded him of Frank Lloyd Wright! (my little Archi Husband is learning) And so that Saturday we drove out and picked them up!
As you’ve probably already concluded we had plans for these chairs.  You know that I want WHITE chairs for the new table and while the toffee finish on these was nice-it wasn’t what I was after. I was after good bones that I could modify into what I wanted. Also there were only 4 chairs and my idea was to have 6 chairs in different styles. In the meantime we’ll still use two of the folding chairs-tall people only.IMG_7250

To begin Adam removed the seats and took the frames outside to be painted a gloss white.  IMG_7254We used Rustolium spray paint after my over excited self attempted to paint them with satin paint and a brush. I quickly realized that was NOT going to work.  Back to Adams painting. Since we don’t have a yard or any “work” area he did what he could, but he said he’d have to just do the tops first-let it dry-then bring them back out to get the bottoms.  He blew through our two cans of paint in no time and we brought the half painted chairs back upstairs.

And they sat there for a good month.

In the mean time we had been to Joanne’s to find fabric we thought we’d like for the seat. White of course. Our best bet was actually some white drapery lining. We liked the fact that the back side actually had a rubbery finish and thought that would be good with spills.  The next week Joann’s had an upholster sale so I went back and purchased the 2 yards I need for $6.

While Adam was in California I attempted to remove the existing fabric on the seats…and didn’t have much luck. Those suckers were stuck down good. When Adam returned he whizzed through 3 while I barley finished one. Then we were able to re stable on the new fabric. Me pulling it tight and Adam going to town with the staple gun.
Adam was finally able to finish painting the chairs and I know he’s not as happy with his work as he’d like to be-but I think they look great! 
After they had dried a few days and we finished the seats, we (he) screwed them in place and pulled them up to the table.P9210030
I must say I like the way they look.They’re not the Modern chairs I was pining for, but for $50+ they’re good for now!
And just in time for Adams dad to come visit too.  now if only we can finish the table in time for Thanksgiving…
Here’s our breakdown:
4 chairs: $50
4 cans of paint: $24
Box of staples: $3
2 yds of fabric: $6
Grand total: $83 ($20.27/chair)
not bad!!



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