Monday, July 25, 2011

“Ultimate” Wife?

Well, maybe. I had good intentions this weekend to watch Adam play Ultimate in Atlanta, to take lots of pictures and be the “Ultimate” wife. Ya, that didn’t happen.

We did go to Atlanta.  And I did drive the first 3 hours (something I NEVER do).  Adam was so excited he brought his photography book to read, but after 20 min ended up like I (deny) usually do.


While in Atlanta we stayed with my old roommate, Richy.  He was so sweet and had our guest room all set up complete with a basket of toiletries, fresh towels and a 6 pack of Oberon. (Do my friend know me or what?)  Adam had to get up pretty early to head to the fields on Saturday so we didn’t stay out too late on Friday night, but I slept in and had a nice breakfast with Richy at Ihop, then we did some shopping (I scored a deal at BR!) and touring around Atlanta. Finally I said we should head down to see Adam play.  We showed up just before his LAST game at 3 o’clock.

It was hot; hike up your sundress hot. So we found a spot on a bench under a non existent shade tree to watch Adam’s game. Well from our ‘cool’ location we really couldn’t see his game through all the players on the side line and being distracted by the cute puppy next to us we kinda lost track to when Adam was actually on the field. Oh, and I forgot to mention… I forgot his camera. The one I said to bring so I could get some pictures of Atlanta and him playing…oops.  They play tomorrow, I thought, I’ll make it up then.

After they won and Adam “poached” (his word not mine) a shower at the team hotel, we headed out to dinner and afterward found Atlanta’s oldest (1922) and 2nd oldest (1948?) bars.  By 9:30 we realized we were tired and full and ready to head home. (how lame are we) But in our defense we’ve come to the conclusion that they don’t use A/C in Atlanta restaurants/bars.


Sunday Adam again got up early to be at the fields by 8 am.  I slept in. Richy brought me Dunkin Donuts – which I ordered via text from my bed (talk about 5 star accommodations!) and we settled into a movie “Limitless” for the next two hours.  Finally we decided we should get moving.  Bringing all my stuff, I couldn’t forget the camera.  I was going to get some good shots of Adam.  Or so I thought.

We got to fields around 1:30 and I saw his teammates hosing off. They were done. For the day. Game over.


So much for being the “Ultimate Wife”.

He packed up his stuff and we headed out for lunch before hitting the road.  I asked Adam if he was tired, but he said no, so I let him slip into the driver seat and stay there until we pulled into his spot 6.5 hrs later.

It was a nice weekend-Adam didn’t have as much fun as I think he’d have hopped – due to some team issues, but I had a great time with Richy and checking out his new life in the “south”

I did snap some pictures with Richy’s camera-so hopefully we’ll have some better memoirs outside of my two crappy phone pictures.   We hope you all had a fun and safe weekend as well.

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  1. That's me in the background with Franklin! HA! Glad you had fun! Sorry about you missing the games to take Adam's pictures.