Thursday, July 7, 2011


Recently I found myself reading 3 books…at the same time!  Luckily due to vacation I was able to finish one just in time to pick up a can’t put it down….so now I’m at 2 books. phew.


I’ve had Isadore’s Secret on loan from my mother since last fall and would pick up and put down reading a few pages here and there.  The story behind this is that it’s true and took place in my Grandma’s town.  I’ve heard the story of the murdered nun my whole life; so going into it I kind of knew what would happen. None the less it was an interesting story-lots of facts and true accounts, but it did read like a history book.  I was glad to finally finish it and move onto something a bit more light.


I picked The Gatecrasher up from a $5 sale at a bookstore and started it a while ago.  After the gruesome courtroom drama of I.S. this was a nice mind relaxing read.  The author wrote the Shopaholic series, which I loved, but I haven't found this as humors. We shall see because I put it down again…to read…


Room! I recently heard Rosie O'Donnell speaking about this book on her radio show (which  I love!) and my interest was peaked.  I put my name on the Library wait list and luckily got it soon.  I picked it up on a Monday and finished it on Thursday. It was that good. I even read it on my lunch break!  What makes this book so unique is that the narrator is a 5 year old. So it takes a while to get used to his “voice”.  Jack lives with his mother in Room.  You quickly realize that Room is all he knows.  Get where I’m going with this?  Now, it’s not a gruesome, sad, evil story…why they’re in the room is, but Jack doesn’t know that so you’re able to view the world through him. Knowing what really is going on add to the suspense and keeps the book moving. (at times you will get sick of him describing things)  I can not recommend this book enough.  I still think about it (2 weeks after the fact!)

After putting it down I realized I needed to start my new book club selection:


To be honest I have gotten maybe 10 pages in the last week…I think I might be read out.  But it sounds interesting and takes place in Michigan-(it must be good! Winking smile)  It’s thick…but I’m hoping to get my nose into it since a few in the group who had previously read it really enjoyed it. (Although I do rarely agree with my club on good books!)

So there you have it. My summer book reading list.  What is on your night stand this summer? Anything good?

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