Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An “Ultimate” - Bachelorette Weekend

Adam and I were in different states this weekend; he was in Orlando for a Ultimate tournament while I was in Traverse City for Felicia’s Bachelorette.

TC Invite copy

I have been planning this weekend, along with the other bridesmaids since February.  It was well worth all the time/effort/expense and energy.  Felicia is a wonderful & kind women, So I was happy that we could do this for her-and keep it a surprise! Until around 2 on Friday she had no idea where she was going.  And I was glad she was happy and excited about our choice.

I arrived late (midnight) after the girls had spent the afternoon wine tasting.


But as soon as I got there…we headed down to the “club” in the hotel.  I felt like I was 22 again…it’s been a long time since I’ve gone out and danced until they kicked us out. (I called it a night around midnight at my own bachelorette!!)


(on a side note: I was confirmed of the fact that I can never go to TC w/o running into someone I’m somehow connected too. That guy knows Stan Pasch-an old family friend)

Saturday we spent the afternoon at the beach and I even got into the chilly bay. But it was HOT-so it felt pretty good.  After giving Felicia her gifts and quizzing her on how well she knows Ryan (her fiancé) we headed out for a fabulous dinner and after…you guessed it, more dancing.




(We found the only gay bar in TC, hence the disco male torso hanging from the ceiling)

It was an extremely quick trip (36 hrs in TC 16 Hrs travel time.) but I did get to see my parents, my dogs and two of my cousins-who by the way have great husbands and helped Felicia out with her Photo Scavenger hunt! 

I was happy to get home and to see Adam, but I really did enjoy my time with the girls-it seems time like that is far and few now and as much as I love Adam I miss girl time. Note to self: plan more girls weekends Smile.

So while I was relaxing, drinking, dancing and having fun Adam was sweating and running and sleeping on the floor.  His team was 1-3 the first day and 1-1 the second day.  Not the best outcome, but he’s confident that the team will do better (as a whole) this weekend in Atlanta. I am making the trip with him to go see my friend Richy…and watch him play.

Here are a few shot I stole off someone from Facebook since Adam didn’t take any and I wasn’t there!

Finding his ‘man’…271902_10150714240280263_545290262_19768903_2118430_o279529_10150714242730263_545290262_19768955_3862287_o(2)272769_10150714241470263_545290262_19768924_284952_o(2)

I think this would be a back hand or a flick throw…273049_10150714241935263_545290262_19768934_6208985_o

He’s taught me point where you want it to go when you let go…279967_10150714226520263_545290262_19768634_2356928_o(2)

And always make a tough face! 280424_10150714227400263_545290262_19768655_2143282_o

He was dirty and tired when he picked me up, but he too had a fun time.  Even though we enjoyed our weekends separately we were glad to curl up with Popcorn on the couch and FINALY watch Little Fockers together.

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