Monday, February 21, 2011


Our walk in closet in our bedroom has a bi-fold door.  The door is 36”.  The hall the doorway is in is 36” wide.  So when you open a bi-fold it takes up 18” of your hallway. And when said bi-fold door fails to close properly due to shoes/clothes or the fact that it’s old I get pretty darn frustrated.
Well it just so happened the day I decided to re-arrange our room the door made it’s last move.
I had put some clothes away and shut the door and as i turned to enter the bedroom the whole thing came falling back toward me. Luckily I was out of it’s path and I caught it, but I took it as a sign from God that it was time to say goodbye to my nemesis.
I quickly folded it up and stuck it in the hall out side our room.
Needless to say when Adam came home that night at 2 or 3 am he was a little confused-no closet door, no night stand and a dresser in the wrong place.
So what did I do with that nice 36” opening into our cluttered and stuffed closet?
I went to KMart.
I bought a curtain (same as on our window) And hung it up.
IMG_0065 IMG_0064
And I LOVE it. No more wrestling or arguing or fighting with that door that never seemed to want to stay close.  Adam did tell me we have to keep the door for when we rent/sell the condo. So it will just hang behind our bedroom door, which is always open except when we sleep-so no one will really notice it.

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