Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I finally found a pair of black flats.  The met ALL the criteria (MIRICLE!) 1. Leather 2. Flats 3. Cheap 4. Pos. to wear w/ socks.

So after pondering over this pair for a week I finally ordered them.  And to my surprise they were on sale even more!

Today I wore them, w/o socks, to work.  They’re comfortable, fit well and qwack when I walk!


Ha Ha Ha.  Guess they will take a bit to break in.

In other shoe news… Adam came in the kitchen last weekend calling Jordan’s name with his favorite (Yes, he LOVES THEM) shoes in his hand.  It seems miss Jordan got bored Saturday morning waiting for us to wake up and nibbled on the back of his leather shoe.  She spend the rest of the day in her cage.  Luckily they’re still wearable and it’ll be barely noticeable when he wears them with pants.   Jordan hasn’t done this in a long time-so we were quite surprised.  We have heard that her little sister, Gretta, has been enjoying chewing things up in Michigan.  We hope that when she finally moves in she’ll have outgrown that habit. Fingers Crossed.

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