Saturday, February 19, 2011

Craig’s List Saturday

Since moving into my condo, Adam’s stuff has seemed to multiply.  But then again I’m sure mine has too.
We are short on closets, drawers and space.  Our room is no different. 
I recently rearranged our furniture to give us some more space.  And it helped.  But we still had a stack of plastic drawers and my cousin Jill’s old night stand.
IMG_0062 IMG_0060
I decided a nice long dresser against this wall would be perfect. 
(ugg! Adam's old night stand is going as is the pile of adam’s dirty clothes!) Jordan’s bed (lower right) has to stay.  And the treadmill too…MOTIVATION!
So I began my craigs list hunt. 
Saturday we picked up and hauled (in the Hyundia!) this beauty for $50!
She's long-66" and will fit perfect!
I’ve already been to Home Depot and got the correct grit (100,120,150) as Adam told me. A pint of White paint and some brushes.
And as you can see in the picture above I’ve already begun taking off those brass pulls. Adam sanded 3 drawers and I started on the top right away…then realized I was making a mess in the dining room.IMG_0059
We hope to have her in her new room soon all filled up! Good Bye Plastic!

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