Monday, August 25, 2014

Mommy Gripes

Yesterday we took Charlie to the new City park that opened up on the river.  We had read that it had a kids splash pad with a big bucket that dumped water and a fun playground. So we thought it would be a fun little after nap trip. It was hot yesterday (who am I kidding, it’s hot everyday) But the temp on the car said 97 factor in humidity I guess it felt closer to 110. Anyway the new park had shade trees and pavilions which is an upgrade from our other riverfront park that does not.

When we got to the park we realized it was packed, but that’s expected for the new thing in town. The splash pad is about 30’x15’ so it’s not super big. There is a big bucket in the center and then a handful of water spouts on the perimeter. It was filled with kids running and playing but what really got me were the parents and other “adults” in the splash zone. There were 3 adults, large adults, just sitting down next to one of the fountains blocking a large area where children could play. I’m assuming they had children there, god I hope they did, but I found it infuriating that grown adults where taking up space and fun in a CHILDRENS splash pad.

There were also a bunch of “adult” that would run over to the bucket splash area right before it dumped and act all surprised that they got wet, soaked. Yes I get it, it’s hot out, but must you take away from the kids fun? It was packed and busy and adults did not need to be taking up primary real-estate from the children. Yes, Adam was with Charlie, as were other parents, but they were actively caring for their children.  If we have age limits for the playground equipment shouldn’t we do the same for a splash pad? (not that they would have followed it) but in all honesty all it would take would be one of those “adults“ running away (on a wet surface) to avoid the splash only to knock down a toddler or small child onto the hard concrete to ruin the fun for all. 

If you are an adult and want to get wet, go to a waterpark. Go to a pool. Find an age appropriate place to get soaked in your clothes. Please don’t do in it our new $7 million park taking away fun from  mine and other children who want to enjoy an afternoon in the KIDS splash pad.

Rant over.

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