Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Humpday Photodump!

Look at me two posts in a row…I should get a gold sticker or something!

IMG_0132Shuffle board besties!

2014-01-18 07.31.26Learning to use a spoon and eating a whole container of yogurt!

2014-01-18 10.48.12Feeding the “birds” at the children’s museum in Naples. She then proceeded to feed herself the nasty sunflower seeds that were a part of the exhibit.

P1172848Checking out the igloo!

2014-01-18 11.49.59Practicing for her big show!

P1182852Exploring the Labyrinth

P1182859And her shoes…she loves her shoes.

P1182861Selfie with mom!

P1182864Micah claiming his girl

2014-01-18 13.17.17BFF’s since 1991!

2014-01-18 15.16.20Frozen Yogurt time! she loved it!

2014-01-19 13.29.21Cheering on daddy!

2014-01-20 13.09.56Lunch with mommy on a Monday

IMG_20140120_151434Daddy took her to the zoo for MLK day Smile

2014-01-20 18.03.02My 7th bridesmaid dress! I think this is my favorite!!

Well that was our week…it’s a little weak on the photos…I will try better next time.

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