Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One Year

This past weekend we celebrated our 1st anniversary.  We didn’t go on a big fancy trip, we didn’t let it go by without acknowledgment.  We didn’t slip away for a romantic get away or hole up in our house.
We went to Gainesville, for an Ultimate tournament.
Yep, I spent the weekend cheering my man on from the sidelines.  Or in reality glancing up from my book whenever he took the field.   I did take some good video of him playing and I did drink a whole lot of champagne cheering him on.
In all fairness and all joking aside, it was a very nice weekend.  We were able to get away-even if it wasn’t the most desirable place. I was able to get us a room at the Hilton, the only 3 star hotel in town (at a 1 star price!)  And we did go out on Saturday night for a oh-so-yummy dinner at Harry’s. 
We were happy to spend the weekend together-despite all the sweat and dirt of an exhausted husband who has some pretty banged up knees.
We celebrated one year of happiness. Of good, fun times.  And most of all to many more years of happiness, love and good times in our future.
We also had a nice time with Russ and my mom, Betty.  We were really lucky that they were here.  They were a good distraction from thinking about our baby.  And the love and support they gave us was much needed.  My mom was able take a later flight so that she was with me through my surgery. 
Russ had wanted to come down and see the Yankee’s play the Ray’s and we were able to get my mom a ticket too! We had a nice time at the ball game-even though we never saw a run.  The Ray’s did end up wining 1-0 at the bottom of the 11th…we were already 1/2 way to Tampa by then.
P9131473  P9131474
Despite the circumstances, it was a nice week and a good time to have our family close.
Adam and Russ enjoy a game of bocce at the beach.
Dinner at the Bavarian house-good!

Sunday we headed to the water park that is five minuets from our house-for the 1st time! It was so fun and we’re definitely going back!
P9121467 P9121463
And finally, here is Otis, the reason for my mom’s visit-Puppy delivery.  When we returned from the baseball game he had had a bit of an accident in the tub, so a bath was a MUST.  Bruiser was very intrigued by him.  Otis was purchased by a partner in my firm for his in-laws; he is now at his home in Atlanta, but we enjoyed our one night with him.
How cute is that? :)

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  1. Why is there a puppy in my old tub??? Why do I always get denied a puppy. I couldn't have one with pleva, I can 't have one with shawn, not in a box with a fox or in a house with a mouse....all I want is a puppy!!!!