Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In Love….again.

Meet Gretta
She is our newest addition. Unfortunately she won’t be with us until we have room and a yard for her to run and play in.  She will most likely be as big as her mommy-a good 95-110 lbs. No room in the condo for that.
We had four great days loving on her and making sure she was the “right one”, but we know right away.  She’s sweet, fun and doesn’t lick.
Leaving her was hard.  Staring at her cute face makes me want to bring her down now, but I know this is best for all of us.  Happy dogs=happy owners.
So until then we will watch her grow in pictures.  She’s like our Adopted African baby. Only we aren’t sending her money for school supplies. 
Here’s so more pictures, because I know you want to see them :)
gretta 2

I have to be honest-not sure if this is her...but it looks like her.
More on our trip north soon :)

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