Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hump Day Photo Dump

It’s been super rainy in Tampa the last few days. Actually it’s a much needed break from the the sweltering 90’s we’ve had since May. But it does make you want to curl up inside and watch a movie.

Anyway…here are some shots from the past week:

Flowers for our anniversary2013-09-19 13.34.32Found some cuff links Adam would LOVE!2013-09-20 18.36.09

Ms. Charlie Sleeping in on Saturday2013-09-22 08.47.38

Hanging out with her BFF Adeline P9212520

Trying a pickle for the first time…and loving it!P9212523

Target has some crazy foam wigs for Halloween..Charlie wasn’t so sure about them!

2013-09-22 13.39.49

Heading out to the movies to celebrate our anniversary!

2013-09-22 16.33.10Enjoying some German fare at Mr. DunderbochsP9222525

Sleeping like an angle2013-09-23 07.21.16

Finished my paisley embroidery sampler…now what??2013-09-23 21.13.22

Somebody enjoyed the plums…2013-09-24 19.13.46

Bath time!2013-09-24 19.28.05

Having way to much fun with great grandmas glow-in-the-dark virgin Mary. 2013-09-24 19.42.49

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