Monday, September 23, 2013

Fourth Year in Pictures

Wow, 4 years! And what a year it has been! Let’s start where we left off…

September 19, 2012

We celebrated at home due to my bed rest…3 years

October 2012:

At a friends wedding…enjoying modified bed rest!PA202059

November 2012:

Enjoying Lake Ridge Winery232323232fp54384_nu=32_7_689_856_WSNRCG=3953_7_63932_nu0mrj

December 2012:

It was a BIG gets two pictures :)
Charlie’s first Christmas

January 2013:

Life with a newborn…
daddy charlie 

February 2013:

Bath time funbath2

March 2013:

Charlie’s First EasterEaster

April 2013:

Charlie’s first trip to the beachbeach 2 

May 2013:

Charlie is baptized 232323232-fp734---nu=32-7-689-856-WSNRCG=38;49896-732-nu0mrj

June 2013:

Adam’s first Fathers Dayfathers day

July 2013:

Vacation in Michiganfamily

August 2013:

Date night…no baby!Date

September 2013:

Celebrating 4 years…4 days late…with dinner and a movie.P9222524

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