Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sunday’s for the Dogs

This past Sunday was a gorgeous day. Not too hot, breezy and clear sunny sky's. After church I told Adam we should take the dogs out and enjoy this day.  When I got home I mistakenly asked Jordan if she wanted to go to the park. Well she went nuts. So for the next 30 minuets while we tried to get our stuff together she whined and jumped around while Bruiser bit her back legs.

We made our way south to a new-to-us park; Pine Island. It’s the southern most point on the Tampa peninsula. As we drove south we noticed the area got more rundown and then turned industrial with lots of ship yards.  But when we finally reached the park we realized that the little oasis was a gem we waited way too long to discover it.

We first drove past  the dog beach area and wound around to the end of the park.  We got out and walked all the way to the tip.  From there we could see downtown St. Pete , Apollo Beach, and The Sunshine Skyway.  With the help of Adams telephoto lens the view was a little clearer.

After a little while we hopped back into the car and drove back to the dog beach area.  We were pleasantly surprised to see such a large stretch of beach nicely fenced in but we were weary about all the other dogs.  We let them off their leashes and for the most part they did very well. Bruiser still would bark at the bigger dogs, but Jordan actually went out into the water with Adam. We were so proud of our non swimming lab.  When we figured the dogs were well worn out we loaded them back into the car and headed downtown.

A quick search on our phones let us know that there was a small pavilion bar on the river that not only let dogs come, but also provided water bowl and treats.  We parked downtown and walked toward the waterfront where we enjoyed a cool beer and some live music. 

Our Lap Dogs…


Bruisers first ride on an escalator! (Jordan's too)P1290876

When we finally got home both dogs found their favorite spots on the floor and called it a day and Adam snoozed on the couch. It truly was a fun, beautiful day.

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