Wednesday, January 18, 2012

301 North

A few Saturdays ago we decided to hop in the car and head north on US-301.  We had intentions of stopping off at Hillsborough River state park so that Adam could work on his photography.  As we drove along…just see what there was…I began to realize a need for a cup of coffee.  So after going through Zephyrhills (yikes) I found a coffee shop on the map in Dade City. 

We figured this would be a good place to get some lunch and then turn around and hit up the state park.  Looking on the map there wasn’t much north and we had driven for about 30 minuets. So as we drove on all of a sudden Adam goes-“HILLS!” and sure enough we were driving on a rarity in Florida-honest to goodness real hills lined with Orange groves.

As we entered Dade City (a place neither of us had been) we realized there was an antique car show going on and the downtown area was peppered with shops.  We were pleasantly surprised.  We parked and headed to the coffee shop, grabbed some lunch, then decided to explore this little town.


We spent the next 4 hours in and out of antique shops (Adam loves old things & I love to shop-so it’s win win).  We had so much fun walking hand in hand down the street, pointing out interesting finds and even purchasing a few things! 

The first was something I spotted I thought my mother might like; a mink stole. I have one and she always says how much she wants one. So I called her and got the ok and even got the lady to lower the price $25.  Best part is it comes with a cute pill box hat. 

The next item we bought we actually had walked away from, but I knew Adam was intrigued since he was researching the piece on the internet (via phone). Finally after sitting on a park bench and discussing the “we don’t NEED it, save money…ect.” I called my dad and had him do an eBay search.  It was a 45 piece silver plate flatware set from the 20’s (we think).  And no we don’t NEED silverware in the least bit, but for some reason we were both drawn to it. Adam the history and value and me the homemaker aspects and passing it down to our grandchildren.  We finally went back in and Adam offered the lady $20 less than the asking price and we got it. I spent that evening polishing every piece-and it looks great now!


After we finished up at our 10th antique store we headed back on the road for home as the sun was making it’s decent and the moon was already mid sky.  Luckily there was still plenty of light to stop off at the groves and grab a few pictures. 

IMG_8033 IMG_8030 And of course, smell the orange blossoms! (one of my favorite scents. The others, Coppertone sunscreen and fresh cut wood )IMG_8034

We really couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.  It was fun driving around and seeing what there is within 30 minutes of our house, discovering new spots and mostly spending time together.  Quality, uninterrupted/distracted, fun time. 

If you’re ever visiting and want a fun day trip-go to Dade City. 1st Saturday of every month is the car show and the last weekend in January is the Kumquat festival. We highly recommend it.

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