Monday, April 25, 2011


I woke up early and headed into the kitchen to finish my dish for the party later in the afternoon.   Nibbled on candy and looked forward to the beautiful day ahead. Adam didn’t have to work, our friends were having a brunch and it was a beautiful day.
Getting a late start to church I chose the outdoor service (which stated 15 min later) It was hot and sweaty and the bugs were in full force. But every once in a while there was a nice breeze.
Back at home I grabbed my cous cous salad and headed over to st. Pete.  John and Ivee always through great pot lucks and it’s so good to see our friends whom we don’t see as much now that we’re both in Tampa.
But I didn’t stay long. Because you see, it was just I, there was no we. Adam was home, in bed sick.
I went to mass alone (I missed holding his hand).  I drove over the bridge alone (I missed sight seeing and chatting with him).  I socialized with our friends (I missed our across the room glances).  But most of all I missed my husband.  Our schedules are so crazy  we rarely get a day together.  So, like I said, I headed home early and found him up on the couch watching cartoons.  He felt better he said, but not 100%.  I had gotten him the good Sudafed “the stuff they make Meth out of” is what the pharmacist said. “Yes! that’s the stuff-I want that!” I told him.
So we sat on the couch and watched movies all. afternoon. long.
It was a gorgeous day.  I was itching to be outside, to lay by the pool.  But I wanted to hang with him more.  So we drew the drapes and curled up and ate our Easter candy.
It ended up being just what we needed.  A day together. Nobody else, just us…and our Easter Lab.

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