Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We arrived early to Grand Rapids; 10:40 instead of the scheduled 10:55.  Jonathan informed us that he would be there at 11:30.  Which meant that he had just left Lansing. Great.

So we call my cousin Chris and 15 min. later he drives up with Sherry Jo yelling “Pleva!!” out the passenger window of a minivan.  We were able to visit with my family for about a half hour before Jonathan and Lexi arrived to take us onward to Pentwater.  So I am Thankful for little brothers being late.

Thanksgiving day was very low key.  Joseph and Jen arrived sometime around noon.  Drinks were poured and cooking began.  I honestly have no idea where the day went, but I do know we ate a lot, drank a lot and played a lot of cards.





The following morning I was informed of a miracle in the Pleva family.

My mom was up until 3 a.m.!!!

That will never ever happen again.  And I missed it because I went to bed at 1:30.  Bummer.

Friday my good friend Felicia drove up from Kalamazoo for a visit while Adam and my dad went hunting. 

We worked on her save-the-dates for her wedding, then headed downtown Pentwater for some “Black Friday” shopping.  I could have done cartwheels down the center of Hancock Street.  Even the shop we went into wasn’t “officially” ready for their big sale the next day, but none the less we found some GREAT deals and I spent a little too much .

After our retail therapy we headed out to our cabin where we had a nice elk dinner and played some cards.  Oh! of course Hula hooping.  Mom and Dads new craze.



PB260178  PB260164

Saturday said goodbye to Felicia and welcomed back Joseph.  The guys were out hunting so mom and I headed back out to the cabin only to be met by Joseph with a “get in the truck”.  Excitement!


Jonathan had shot a 9 point buck just on the edge of our property with the help of Joseph ‘pushing’.  I think that means he made a lot of noise to scare any deer to run in the direction of the hunters.  Everyone was excited and happy-Adam got to witness his first deer gutting (which mom & I  declined). 



We spend the evening celebrating our friend Kareen’s retirement then hitting up some friends houses for after party drinks.  It was a busy fun Saturday.

Sunday brought about the usual. Church; saying goodbye to Joe & Jen & Jonathan.  It was a relaxing day.  We did make a visit to Grandma who is recovering in the Medical Care Facility.  She looked  100% better then she did when I visited her the day before.  When I told her I was going back to Florida the next day she made a “boo hoo” sound and pretended to rub her eyes.  And then it really hit me, like a knife in the chest.  This very well could be the last time I say goodbye to her.  It was hard leaving, realizing this reality.  She was in good spirits and good mind, so it’s a nice memory to have.

Monday we said goodbye to Mom & Dad and Marina and Gretta-who we spoiled beyond repair.  It was a much needed get away and we were glad to be heading back to our own place, but realizing the next few weeks will fly before we gear up and do the family thing all over again, on our turf!


Did I mention how cute she is?



PB250117 PB290250

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