Thursday, November 4, 2010



On Saturday, between Adrianne’s games, we headed over to the Sarasota Architectural Salvage store.  We were told there was a trailer of wood on sale out front, but at 1st glance Adam dismissed it as crap and we wound our way to the back of the store to survey the reclaimed flooring.

When we got back there and saw the selection we started crunching numbers in our head….ouch. This was not what I had in mind I told Adam.  We can buy NEW wood for this price.  So after wondering around a bit more we thanked the store clerk and headed out.

Passing the trailer I said, Let’s take one more look.  So I began digging into this:


Under piles of green and white bead board I pointed out wide planks to Adam and he would dig them out.  Our pile on the ground grew and grew as did his realization that maybe we had found something. 


15 Boards later I told him that was enough and took a stack of one’s into the store to pay. $16.05 was our grand total.  I borrowed a hammer and a saw and for the next, oh 45 min, we pulled nails and sawed aged boards in half under the HOT NOON Florida sun.



PA300092Picking nails up off the ground I reminisced about my Granny and Grandpa.  Picking up the nails was Granny’s job-Grandpa was the Carpenter. But when my dad built his cabin Grandpa was too old to hammer so he took over her job and walked around picking up the nails.

As Adam was cutting the boards to fit them into his car he started to get excited. “I’m not sure what this wood is, but look! Check out the grain; It’s still wet; wow this isn’t pine!”

With planks between us and filling the back seat the car ride home smelled of sweet lumber and fresh cut wood. (One of my favorite smells)  Sunday we would take it all into his shop at work and uncover what we hope will become our new dinning table.

Stay tuned…

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