Monday, June 14, 2010

Sew Busy

The last week was extremely busy for Adam. Between extra practices and work I think I saw him maybe one night. By Tuesday he had already logged 26 hours of Overtime!! But they made their shipment on time. Friday he left early to head up to Georgia for an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament. He called after the 1st day and said they were the #1 seed and had beat ever team (there were 5 others). The next time I heard from him it was midnight and they were drinking in their hotel room....

The call Sunday morning was "We're done-we lost our 1st game" Hmmmm maybe your whole team shouldn't have stayed up late drinking.....Just a thought. Will boys EVER learn? He returned home after 9 p.m. and quickly fell asleep on the couch. Nice to see you too honey.

While he was away I had a pretty relaxing weekend. Now if I were the world’s greatest wife I would have cleaned the floors and scrubbed the toilets. But I’m not. shucks.

I did clean up the dishes and attempt to fix our Dishwasher-with no avail. I took the whole front off of it!! Had my dad on the phone and everything and can't figure out why it's not draining completely.

Saturday I headed across the bay to Tara's for a yard sale she was hosting. Found some good finds-the best being an alarm clock for the guest room! Not sure if the "Alarm" part works, but the "light alarm" does :) At least now we have a clock in that room. I'm such a clock Nazi. I have 4 in my kitchen and can't stand it if one needs resetting.

Sunday I woke up semi early and decided I needed to get the sewing machine out and start the gifts for the other new girls in the family.

I worked until 3....took a break then decided to head to Joann's to get buttons.....well I can't go in there w/o looking at the clearance fabric. (The only place I'll buy it now!) I got soooo much fabric-but how can you say no to $1/yd + 20%!!! Hello! I think I had 8 bolts....and of course the store was closing so as the women (who was really slow) was cutting my fabric I'd run over and get more of that Biased Tape (love that stuff!) then I’d run back and give her my next size...then I'd run away again.

I made it out of there under $40 and had a 5lb bag of goodies. When I got home I started looking at ideas for the last outfit. I selected the fabric, but decided I didn't like any of my pattern choices. So I finagled two together and came up with my own.

I quickly realized that it was WAY too wide-since I was skipping the "gathering" part. So I added some folds or I think the correct term is "pleats"? Anyway, finished it up in no time flat! I'll have to remember that one for next time :)

So here is my dresses.   They will get shipped out tomorrow to three special girls. I hope they fit!

The Ashlynn
The Brenna

The Genna
I'm debating on adding a second pocket on this...thoughts?
My "pleat" detail :)

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