Monday, April 26, 2010

Thank God for Polyester

Adam and I were able to get away this weekend and attend a family wedding over on the east coast of Florida. We had a great time and enjoyed spending time with A&D. (annette and doug)

We were also very fortunate to have my friend Tara actually come and stay at the house to take care of our dogs. This is always the reason we don't up and leave on spontaneous trips anymore. Moving to Tampa has put Adam 45 min away from his dog sitters.

Tara had informed me that Bruiser had pooped in our bedroom at some point in the night, but she took care of it. He does that from time to time-and it's a pretty easy clean up. When we finally got home around 9 p.m. I went into our room and looked around-I smelt the familiar stench. UG! And there was the familiar stain at the base of our drapes.


Yep, he relieved himself on our "faux silk dupioni" drapes. I'm angry and i mean LIVID seeing as i had just washed ALL the guest bedding the weekend before for the same reason.

He was promptly scolded and put BACK into the cage-knowing right away what he did wrong.

I have never had a boy dog in all my 6 dog life so this peeing on stuff is very new to me. Plus I’m a girl and I don't have the whole need to "mark my territory" gene. After last weekend-I was so fed up I called the humane society and booked him his "appointment". As I’m scrubbing the carpet and taking down the drapes I tell the little guy he's lucky he has his appointment scheduled otherwise I’d be doing it myself.

Struggling to remove the drape I'm crossing my fingers it doesn't say "dry clean only" on the tag. I don't dry clean-ever. So either I'm chancing ruining my new favorite curtains or we're getting new drapes. Luckily I see the "Machine was cold...blah blah" and happily toss it in the machine. 30 min later I pull it out of the dryer fingers crossed it isn't shredded or 2" shorter than the other drape. Voila! We have a clean drape-pee free!


Life Lesson 1: Polyester "faux silk dupioni" drapes from Kmart, (because we can't afford anything better) are a pet owners best choice. No large upfront cost. No expensive Dry Cleaning bill. No shrinking. and Yes, virtually no Ironing :)

Life Lesson 2: All male dogs should be neutered A.S.A.P. Sorry Buriser, but the balls are coming off...TOMORROW!

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