Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 14, 2007

It was a Saturday. Hot, sunny, blue sky’s...a perfect beach day. My roommate Richy and I had headed to the beach early, we met up with Tara and Monica. We enjoyed frozen drinks and cabana service from our favorite cabana guy at Caddies.

We were discussing our evening plans. A mutual friend, Kody, who was in the midst of a renovation project, was hosting a "Red Neck" party. He used it as motivation to complete the house in time for his next party "half black tie". So after leaving the beach as late as we could we headed to Wal-Mart to meet up with Monica's husband who'd been helping out his friend tile his house (now my friend "City").
What a hoot we had at the store finding the trashiest outfits for the party. Even Richy was getting into it. Heading back to Tara's to get ready, Jimmy said he'd pick us up in an hour. With temporary tattoos placed in all the correct red neck places and our trucker hats in place we were ready for the party.

The party was fun, franks and beans, cheese in a can, Budweiser cans lying on the front lawn; it was very RED NECK.  I had decided I needed a redneck name so I adopted Kris+Al (pronounced Crystal) and picked up a southern accent. I was having fun with my new found persona and just went with it. An hour or so after we'd been there the front door opened and two guys I'd never seen before walked in. One had a mouth full of bubba teeth and the other was tall, dark, handsome and carrying a case of Pabt’s beer-in one word HOT!

Tara walked over and started talking with them; she had met them a few weeks earlier. She waved me over for an introduction. With my eyes on the guy with the Pabts I strolled over and said in my southern accent(something of this sort) "You brought my favorite beer" (I was wearing a Pabt's shirt). "Hi, I'm Kris+Al"  he chuckled and replyed: "Hi, I'm Adam".

The rest, as we all know, is history.

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