Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Fun-Graphic Design

I haven’t done a “Friday Fun” post in FOREVER! So I thought it would be fun to share some of the graphic design work I’ve done for friends since I just got back from McKenzie’s Bachelorette weekend and am doing a bunch of stuff for her wedding.

I love doing this type of design and luckily I am able to do some at my work too. I think it makes me a more valuable employee especially when my boss is always coming to me when he doesn’t like what a marketing firm does and says…”You can do better”

But I’m not going to share my work stuff with you since I don’t “own” it and I wouldn’t want to jeopardize anything with a project.

So here are some of the fun things I’ve designed for various events…which all started with my wedding!


Then I did Felicia's wedding. My sister-in-law is ridiculously talented and drew the orchids for both her save the dates and wedding invite!

option 6b

final backTC Invite copyinvite

The same year I was also maid of honor in Tara’s wedding! So I planned her shower:

77540-card copy

Sign 2 copy

Tara Quiz copy

Most years I do postcards for Christmas, it’s cheaper (like $12 for 100) and less postage than tradition cards!flow_v2_4b0d4eaf413718_03673500cbyk

I helped out mom with Joe and Jen’s wedding. (Jen did a fabulous job on all her DIY stuff-but then again she’s a textile designer for TARGET!!)Shower invite copyFamous couples quiz copyUntitled-1 copy

Then along came Ms. Charlie!Announcement.dwg

Christmas card 2012 copy

baptism invite copy

BDAY copy

And now I’m working on my friend McKenzie’s wedding! I did the save the date, shower invite, party game, guest book and am working on the programs!

Front copy

Shower front Photo Challenge copy2mad lib copy

I have so much fun doing these and LOVE it when people ask me to do them! It’s a fun hobby and I love helping out!

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