Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We've got a wine problem...

Problem isn't that we don't have wine.
Problem is that we don't have any place to put all our wine!

What you can't see are the two cases under the desk on the other side or the full wine rack (10 bottles) in the living room or the new case that was recently added....sheesh!

I won't go into WHY we have all this wine...but don't worry, we're not alcoholics...but we do have it and we're both sick of tripping over it!

So in true Adam&Stephanie fashion in order to solve our storage problem we've designed a new piece of furniture to hold SOME of this wine and liquor.  It was also very important to build it soon as it will replace a very tippy shelf that holds a lot of glassware that will become a hazard in a couple months when someone decides she's sick of lying on her back in one spot :)
Like all the pieces we've designed, first and foremost, we wanted something functional. I'm a firm believe in the form follows function philosophy. (opening up a can of architectural worms!) We also wanted it to be in similar style to what we already have.  In the end I chose to follow the design of our end tables…


…over that of our Ikea Hutch.P9240077
Anyway…here is what we’ve come up with.

front 2

right 2 left 2 The lower portion is a cabinet, that will have a door on the back side as well, to hold liquor and glasses and..well more stuff! Don’t worry, it will definitely be lockable!

The idea with the two doors is that it is a 4-sided piece. That way when we move, we won’t be stuck putting it only one way in a room. It could be used perpendicular to a wall (as a room divider) or on the left or right side of a room.

I don’t know when Adam will get to building it (he’s hoping soon) but we’ll definitely share the finished product with you.  We’re happy with the way it’s shaping up and look forward to getting the majority of those bottles off our floor!

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