Friday, October 19, 2012

32 down 8 to go…

32 weeks

At 32 weeks I am now starting to not only look more pregnant, but I feel it too. Getting up, rolling over, sleeping, back aches, heartburn, and the overall feeling that I’m large are all issues I deal with daily now. But I probably shouldn’t complain if it took 32 weeks to get to this point.

Baby Charlie is still moving around and it’s just crazy to see my stomach move like there’s an ocean under there…or some sort of alien life form a la the movie Tremors.  My mom keeps telling me it’s beautiful, it’s a miracle and I keep saying it’s weird and hard to believe.  I still can’t believe there is a person growing inside of me. who by the way, just lodged herself under my rib! ugg

She is still breach so I have been trying to do little exercises to help her flip. However, the dogs think this is the time to come over and lick my face.  Hopefully she’ll do it on her own, but a little help never hurt anyone, right?

The nursery is coming along.We purchased a new rug, changing table, rocker and ottoman and finished the flooring and paint.  My friend Tara brought over her bassinette so now we even have a place for our little girl to sleep. I’m really happy with the way it’s turning out and can’t wait to get started on some sewing when my mom gets her next week.


On the bed rest front I was told this week that after another two weeks I should be able to be released and sent back to the real world! that’s 2 weeks less than I was originally told. So I’m super happy an anxious to get back to work and life. I’ve been lucky that I’m able to head out to eat or to church, but I still spend the majority of my time sitting/lying in a bed or on the couch.

And I can’t post this without mentioning how much of a saint my husband is. He has really been great. doing all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, painting, waiting on me, shopping…all while working full time. I try to help, but he won’t let me. He’s taking good care of his girls. As much as I’m disappointed he’s going to California next weekend and I’m not, he deservers to go. And I really do hope he has a wonderful time hanging out with all his buddies.

Also, we started a little pool to see when you all think Baby Charlie will come, so If you’d like to join in here’s the link :

I believe you have to hit the JOIN tab before you can enter your predictions.

As cool as I think the 12/12/12 birthday would be…I’ll take anything after thanksgiving at this point!

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  1. Her room is coming together beautifully, and you look wonderful! :) Much love to you guys!